Here you'll meet the characters that drive the story and learn a little bit more about them and what's going on in their lives.

                                                                      Eva Underhill

The Underhill family go way back even to the beginning of the history of Pine Hollow and it's founding. Eva's great, great, great grandmother Elizabeth Underhill was living in Pine Hollow during the time the Demonica Act was broken and was one of the few who managed to escape. Sometime later the Underhill family returned to Pine Hollow and Eva was born there just like her great, great, great grandmother. Eva's powers seem to be tied to nature and the elements and her moods seem to spike some very strange weather activity. A loyal friend who will go out of her way to help those she holds near and dear. Eva's family know she'll become a powerful witch one day and at the age of 17 she's already been given the immense responsibility of looking after the vampire Asher's tomb and his belongings, but for Eva she's more concerned right now with getting through high school and finding her own path in life and a cute boy somewhere along the lines wouldn't go amiss either.